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Transition times are doors to the world of possibilities.

Transition with Awareness of the Depth

From one cycle to the next, the emergence of a new cycle is influenced by the quality of attention we give to the transitioning process, and the depth of our experience.

As we lay out the contour for the next cycle, awareness of our depth and engagement with the dream-like images that move below the surface of our ordinary-reality will support us to transition in a meaningful way.

Transition with Awareness of the Depth

Cross Over the Threshold of Visibility

To cross a new threshold is a challenge. That includes the threshold of making our dreams and gifts visible. Especially in those times we can benefit from the witnessing of a companion.

That we are here is a huge affirmation; somehow life needed us and wanted us to be. To sense and trust this primeval acceptance can open a vast spring of trust within the heart. It can free us into a natural courage that casts out fear and opens up our lives to become voyages of discovery, creativity, and compassion. No threshold need be a threat, but rather an invitation and a promise. – John O’Donohue

Cross Over the Threshold of Visibility

Enhance your Online Presence

To translate the dream-like aspect of our inspirations to a website, with shapes, colors and words, can highly support a meaningful transition to the next cycle, and becoming visible.

Creating a state-of-the-art website needs attention to quality in multiple domains: visual design, usability, technology (hosting, development, SEO), and flexibility to constantly incorporate new changes with ease.

Enhance your Online Presence

Be Supported in the Process

My name is Kamyar. With more than two decades of study and experience, I can support you in this creative process.

As a general example of how it works, over a period of 3 to 4 months, we connect with a weekly / bi-weekly rhythm, moving through four phases:

  1. Preparation
  2. Sensing & Naming
  3. Translating to Form (designing & preparing the content)
  4. Website Development
  5. Mentoring & Ongoing Support
Be Supported in the Process

This is a package of best in class web-development technologies, usability oriented design & development services, ongoing support and mentoring sessions, all offered in an affordable cost with a flexible payment structure.

Sample Works
Leadership website Development

Transformative Leadership with Ursula Hillbrand

Ursula Hillbrand’s Work with Leaders, Teams & Organization
Business, Education / Training, Leadership Development, Personal / Portfolio
Personal Website Development for Artist


Personal website of Wally Tuner
Artist, Personal / Portfolio
Website Development for Consultant

Bilingual Bolero

independent research initiative based in the United States
Business, Consultation
Personal Leadership Coach Website Development with Sarah Whiteley

Art & Practice fo Navigating Transition for individuals, communities & organizations – Whitby, UK
Education / Training, Leadership Development, Personal / Portfolio
Ecological Farm Website Development

Gulderman Farm

Agrohomeopathy, Healing Plants, Permaculture – Yalova, Turkey
Author / Writing, Education / Training, Farming
Author Website Development

Damla Çeliktaban Personal Website

Author, Retreat Guide based in Istanbul – Turkey
Author / Writing, Education / Training, Personal / Portfolio
Website Development for NGO

Parent Child Mother Goose

NGO based in Canada
Education / Training, NGO / Public Service
Website Development for Medical Doctor

Art of Healing by Dr. Judith Aartsma

Art of Healing based in Netherlands
Consultation, Education / Training, Health, Personal / Portfolio
Photography and Photographer Website Development

Conscious Photography with Haris Kakarouhas

Conscious Photography – Athens, Greece
Artist, Education / Training, Personal / Portfolio, Photography
Coaching Website Development

James Alexander Coaching

Human Design Coach & Trainer – Philadelphia, USA
Consultation, Education / Training, Personal / Portfolio
Website Development for Business Consultant

Systemic Solutions with Esin Suvarierol

Organizational consultant, trainer, coach, structural constructor, management consultancy for systemic solutions – Vienna, Austria
Consultation, Education / Training, Leadership Development, Personal / Portfolio

Orca Dreams

Platform for Mindful Living – Berlin, Germany
Consultation, Education / Training, Health

Hygeia – Health of the body, soul and mind

Based in Edirne, Turkey
Consultation, Education / Training, Health

Drop Ocean Consulting with Samina Hashmi

Leadership Coaching – Toronto, Canada
Business, Consultation, Education / Training, Leadership Development, Personal / Portfolio

Soul Journeys with Müge Erdoğmuş-Turnbull

Integrative & Transpersonal Psychotherapy – London, UK
Consultation, Education / Training, Health, Personal / Portfolio

Café-Brasserie Petrus

Bregenz, Austria
Business, Restaurant / Cafe

Drop in the Ocean

travelog – Turkey
Personal / Portfolio

Living Wholeness with Maria Scordialos

process artist, host and social entrepreneur – Athens, Greece
Consultation, Education / Training, Health, Leadership Development, Personal / Portfolio

Halla Makarem

Creative Leadership – Beirut, Lebanon
Consultation, Education / Training, Leadership Development, Personal / Portfolio

Art of Hosting Athens

Ecosystem of participatory leaders – Athens, Greece
Consultation, Education / Training, Leadership Development, NGO / Public Service

Collective Alchemy

Practices for the Era Shift – Global
Community, Education / Training

Aslinur Akdeniz

Author – Istanbul, Turkey
Author / Writing, Personal / Portfolio

Baykuş Okulu School

Online school – Fethiye, Turkey
Community, Education / Training, NGO / Public Service

Babil Fidanlik Garden

Yalova, Turkey
Farming, Personal / Portfolio
    Practical Information
    How much will it cost?

    I work on hourly basis: 35€ per hour for personal and 45€ per hour for businesses, all the types of services included. Depending on the readiness of the content, a simple website can be delivered with 30 hours of work. For deeper explorations, customizations and special features like multi-lingual website, shopping cart, complex registration forms etc, it might need 50+ hours of work from my side. A general estimate for a personal website can be between 1200-1800 €. I can offer a more precise estimate when the scope of the work is clearer. If there are financial restrictions we might be able to work it out, by making the payment in multiple installments, or finding creative ways to spend less time on customizations. For those who have their source of income in Turkish Liras we can talk and decide on a different rate.

    Aside from this, you will need to cover the cost of:

    1. website hosting, around 80€/year for a single website
    2. professional page builder software, 60€/year for a single website
    3. domain name (for special domains such as .tr .uk etc)
    4. cost of professional softwares for additional features, such as multi-lingual, shopping cart, online booking etc… this will be estimated when I know the scope of the work.
    For projects with a budget over 1200 Euros, there will be one year free basic support package from the date of launching the website. For projects with a budget over 2000 Euros, there will be one year free advanced support package. Visit Ongoing Support & Maintenance page for more details.
    Where is the time spent?
    • basic setup of the software, including the required plugins, template framework, security, SEO and statistics software
    • live conversations over Zoom or Skype (coaching / mentoring sessions)
    • design process (finding design resources such as fonts, icons, images, and designing layouts)
    • mentoring on updating / managing the website

    There is a proportion for live coaching / mentoring sessions, maximum 20% of the whole project. For a 40-hour project there will be around 8 hours of live connection / mentoring sessions.

    Does it include corporate identity design?

    Well… yes and no. Our explorations of your work can lead us to find clear symbols, colors, design elements, fonts and other material that can shape a clear identity. If needed, I can also support with the design of logo, letter head, business card etc based on the same rate mentioned above. But this is generally not included in the main process.

    How about search engine optimization and online marketing?

    This process does not include a focused search engine optimization service. The software and the code I am using are search engine-friendly. Through the process of making the website I can offer some basic suggestions on the dynamics of search engine optimization, to see whether you need it or not, and how you can proceed with it by yourself.

    It is the same story for online marketing. I can offer you some basic guidelines to do it by yourself. Putting links to social media, or newsletter subscription forms are included in this process.

    What if I need support after the website is finished and launched?

    I highly encourage you to learn to work on your website by yourself. Training will be offered during the process, showing you how to modify, add or remove different sections of the website. For some structural changes you will need technical support. If it rests within the scope of the initial work, like fixing problems, there will be no additional costs involved.

    In case you would like me to add new content, re-design some sections, add new features, it will be offered at a rate of 35€/hour (45€ for businesses). Of course we will negotiate this beforehand.

    You can benefit from one of the Support & Maintenance packages, which are designed for ongoing care and enhancements. Based on the project’s initial budget, a package is offered for free for one year after the website launch.

    What technologies do you use?

    Please visit the Website Design & Development section for details on technologies.

    Personal Website Express

    This is a package designed to support people launching their personal website in a time and cost effective way. It includes all aspects of a high quality and modern website: well designed, optimized, usable, extendible and supported, enriched with decades of experience in personal coaching and website design.

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    Website Development