Coaching & Mentoring

a two fold practice of holding the space for potentials & technical guidance

Based on their nature, different phases of our process need different approaches to learning and creativity. For some phases the optimum support can come with a practice of coaching, and in some others with mentoring.

Below you can find a brief description of the difference between coaching and mentoring.

Coaching & Mentoring

What is coaching?

Coaching aims to improve the situation by focusing on the ‘here and now’ working with elements that have livelihood, rather than on the distant past or future. There are many different models of coaching, here we are considering the coach as a facilitator of learning rather than an expert. There are many differences between teaching someone and helping them to learn on their own.

Coaching is based on the belief that the individual has the answers to their own problems, yet they may need help to find the answer.

Coaching is about supporting a person’s inherent potential to realize their higher-self.

When we sense into the underlying layers of your work, the new identity, potentials, the general feeling of the design, and the content, I offer my support with a coaching practice.


Mentoring on the other hand is about offering expertise and guidance in taking directions. When it comes to choosing and working with technology, for example in working with WordPress to update the website content, I will be supporting you with a hat of a mentor. Towards the end of the project we start to work on the website together, through sharing screen, so that by the end of the project you are fluent and comfortable enough to continue working on the website by yourself.


This is a package of best in class web-development technologies, usability oriented design & development services, ongoing support and mentoring sessions, all offered in an affordable cost with a flexible payment structure.

Personal Website Express

This is a package designed to support people launching their personal website in a time and cost effective way. It includes all aspects of a high quality and modern website: well designed, optimized, usable, extendible and supported, enriched with decades of experience in personal coaching and website design.

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