Website Design & Development

A Quality website design is not limited to visual presentation. It is rendered with respect to:

  • Accessibility and usability for the target audience
  • Adaptation to multiple screen sizes
  • Usability for the admins to update the content
  • Flexibility to adapt to new technologies

There is almost no end to re-fining a website on all these domains. Below you will find details on different aspects of a quality modern website.

Website Design & Development
Visual Design & Usability

Visual Design & Usability

UIKIT & Yootheme (Template Framework)

A good visual design reflects the identity, or the personality of the work, in a clear and confident way. It has to be rendered in respect to the wide range of needs and configurations of website users. That is why simplicity, minimalism and giving priority to usability guidelines is helpful, if not essential.

Usability is a measure of how well the users can use a website to reach their goal effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily.

I have extensive experience with Yootheme Template Frameworks since 2009, which I believe is one of the highest quality in the market. Since 2013 I have been working with UIKIT framework, which is a new base for Yootheme, and is highly optimized in terms of code-base and adaptability to multiple display sizes.

Content Management System

Content Management System

WordPress, Joomla, or another

Content management systems (CMS) are softwares that enable content editors to create, edit and publish content to a website, without the need for web-technical knowledge. Two of the widely-used CMSs are WordPress and Joomla, and there are many more in the market. Depending on the needs of the client I can use WordPress or Joomla.

Beside the base software, there are plugins and extensions (additional pieces of software) that help with enhancing these CMSs with additional functionality, security, and technical features.

I have been using multiple CMS systems since 2003 and have seen the evolution of them. Based on experience, I use a set of plugins to enhance the usability of the CMS for my clients. By fully separating the template (visual) framework from content management side, I reduce the complexity of content editing, while maintaining a high level of visual consistency all over the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Framework

In simple terms, search engine optimization refers to the process of improving a website to increase its visibility when people search for related products or services search engines, such as Google. With SEO the chances for the target audience to find your website, through searching for specific keywords, increases.

A complete SEO service has different aspects that needs to be taken care of.

In our studio I do not offer focused SEO services, yet, when I design and develop the website I carry that lens with me. There are functions, pieces of software and features that are included in my work which takes care of the core needs for an SEO friendly website.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Optimized / Fully Managed Web-Server

Since the beginning of 2021 I have started offering an in-house website-hosting service. The server hardware is based in Germany, in one of the well-known / highest-rated data centers, serving tens of thousands of customers. The software, from operating system all the way to the web and database servers, plus the security layers, are all designed and managed in-house. This creates some additional advantages for my clients:

  • Avoiding a third party hosting provider reduces the complexity of work specially when there are technical issues, or specific technical needs.
  • The server is highly optimized for the specific softwares that I use.
  • Resources are shared only with my own clients.

This translates into a significant increase of performance, in some cases up to 4-5 times faster processing than a normal shared hosting provider. The performance of a website is considered as an important factor, as it affects the search engine rankings and user experience.

Website hosting is offered only through a yearly based Support & Maintenance package.

  • James Alexander
    Human Design Coach & Trainer
    Kamyar stands out amongst the website developers I have worked with. I could tell he would be an ideal long term partner for my website needs with his very calm, grounded, demeanor and his ability to explain complex technical subject matter in a simple, plainspoken, way. He quickly understood my vision and was able to add to it with great suggestions on improving my UX, SEO, and overall digital marketing. I found him to be completely reliable throughout the web development process. He promptly answered questions, addressed issues with my site, and delivered the site on schedule. His process is entirely transparent and I always had a clear sense of his progress. I highly recommend Kamyar, and look forward to working with him again soon on other projects.
  • Hala Makarem
    Founder of nCommunity, Author
    “Kamyar offered his wisdom of listening and his practical up-to-date knowledge of website development into the conversations as the process was unfolding. At a practical level, he delivered solutions that maintain the balance between design/art and information. He also infused the process with creative suggestions on design improvements in relation to user needs. His technical knowledge combined with his acute intuitive perceptive senses resulted in a practical special online platform, a website that is easy to update and expand.”
  • Nalan & Nicolas Lecerf
    Founders, Hygeia Turkey
    We are very happy to have met Kamyar, first as a friend then as a partner to design our website. He was very patient and helpful, since we knew roughly what we wanted, but haven’t decided yet on the subtile details. He approached us as a coach, making us contemplate about our goals, target group and personal style. Kamyar is not only present during the development phase but also in the after sales service, always looking for the greater good of his customers. We are delighted to have a well-designed website with an easy to use content management system.
  • Begüm Erenler
    Founder of Owl School – Turkey
    Kamyar’s amazing gift of being an attentive listener made everything much easier during the contruction of the website. Not only is he talented and experienced in technical matters but also he really gets what you want. It was a pleasure to work with him.
  • Ayşe Dayı
    Founder of Orca Dreams, Scholar
    I am in love with my Orca Dreams website. I love the clean, simple and aesthetic design that meets functionality. Everyone who visited my website stated its beauty, its clarity and the way it gave them calm and peace, which is fully in line with my work on holistic health and mindfulness. It was a joy working with Kamyar. From the beginning to the end, he listened deeply to my work concept, my ideas, wishes and dreams. He helped me to become clearer in the organization and presentation of my ideas and my work. Kamyar took time with each detail, and made room for custom tailored functions as needed. I also appreciate him teaching his customers on how to use the website, giving training and support during the process and having options for follow-up support.
  • Esin Suvarierol
    Upgrade of my website with Kamyar was easily and I’m pleasantly surprised. My website is now more clear and first of all I have now a better overview. I enjoyed the cooperation and learned a lot of things. Thank you Kamyar for your professional support.
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