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About Kamyar Houbakht

Website Development, Creative Process Design, Systemic Transformation

Hello! My name is Kamyar, the creator and curator of

This body of work has been developed for more than two decades. After graduating as a computer engineer, I started IT and design work in 2000-2001. It was around 2003 that I co-founded Maqsad Internet Solutions, one of the first providers of CMS system solutions and SEO services in Dubai. Since 2008 I started learning and researching about leadership, systemic thinking and transformation. Regarding facilitating transitions, the major practices I have been engaged with are Systemic Transformation with Living Wholeness Institute, Participatory Leadership with Art of Hosting, Leading from a sense of future possibility with Theory U.

About Kamyar Houbakht

Brief Timeline of Expertise

Below you can find a brief list of milestones that has lead to developing this body of work.

bachelors in computer hardware engineering
January 2001
Network Administrator at Europcar Group of Companies
July 2001
Graphic Designer at Dunes Advertisements

packaging design and pre-press work
Working with brands such as: Pepsi Co., Procter&Gamble, MasterFoods, Ritz Carlton, British Airways

2003 – 2008
co-founded Maqsad Internet Solutions

providing website development with content management systems (CMS) and search engine optimization (SEO)
Clients: Iranian Business Council Dubai, Al Wesal Real Estate, Casabella Property Brokers, Mirak Group, Bu Humaid Group,, Through the Line Advertising, Centerpoint Trading, Almuteena Group, Offroad UAE, Logistique Products, Unique Metal Technologies, Arya Insurance, Ali Karimi Official Website, Omega Shipping, Jumboline Shipping, Al Areen Resort & Spa, X-Games Dubai

CIW courses (Certified Internet Webmaster)
Masters in Quality Management
2009 – Now
Art of Hosting, Theory U, Living Wholeness

subtle practices in dialogue facilitation, listening, creative processes, systems thinking, systemic transformation and leadership.

2011 – 2018
Part Time Freelance Website Developer

Clients: Buhumaid Group, Tharwa Financial Consultancy, Dubai Lime, Limitless Group, Edifice Architecture, American Business Council Dubai, Linda Joy Mitchell, Julie Arts, Pamela’s Breath Therapy, Soony Productions, Strawberry PR, H2O New Media, Living Wholeness Institute

2018 – Now
NewCycle.Studio Website Development

Clients: Gulderman Organic Farm, Transformative Leadership (Ursula Hillbrand), Navigating Transition (Sarah Whiteley), Bykush School, Wally Turner, Bilingual Bolero, Damla Celiktaban (Author), Parent-Child Mother-Goose (NGO), Art of Healing (Dr. Judith Aartsma), Conscious Photography (Haris Kakarouhas), James Alexander Coaching, Systemic Solutions (Esin Suvarierol), Via-Hygeia, Orca Dreams, Drop Ocean Consulting, Soul Journeys (Müge Erdoğmuş-Turnbull), Café-Brasserie Petrus, Living Wholeness (Maria Scordialos), Creative Leadership (Hala Makarem), Art of Hosting Athens, Collective Alchemy Community, Music Therapy (Azize Guvenc), Ansoo Music House


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