Ongoing Support & Maintenance

to keep the website and its software eco-system up-to-date & secure

One of the best practices for keeping a website alive and secure is to keep the softwares updated. To keep a website functioning, there are many layers of software, such as operating system (ex. Linux), web server, database server, scripting language (ex. PHP), CMS platform (ex. WordPress) and additional plugins. All these softwares receive constant updates, and through these updates they evolve, becoming more efficient and more secure.

Aside from constant updates, it is the nature of software-based systems that support is needed from time to time, to fix problems, enhance functionality, add new features or to upgrade the technology.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

For more details check our Managed WordPress Hosting which is integral to ongoing support.

The following support packages are offered with an in-house web-hosting service, which is optimized specifically for the software eco-system I use. You read more details about the hosting service in theĀ Website Design & Development page.

Basic Support

up to 30 minutes dedication every month
  • making a general check to make sure everything is functioning well
  • updating the software eco-system once a month
  • minor adjustments / enhancements if required

price with hosting: 180 Euros / year

Partnership Support

12 hours of dedication over a year*
  • updating the software
  • a detailed look at the website for areas of improvement
  • adding content, features or structural changes requested by the client (new feature requests are not included)
  • 6 optional bi-monthly zoom sessions for mentoring and live-development

price with hosting: 320 Euros / year


This is a package of best in class web-development technologies, usability oriented design & development services, ongoing support and mentoring sessions, all offered in an affordable cost with a flexible payment structure.

Personal Website Express

This is a package designed to support people launching their personal website in a time and cost effective way. It includes all aspects of a high quality and modern website: well designed, optimized, usable, extendible and supported, enriched with decades of experience in personal coaching and website design.

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