Managed WordPress Hosting

Safety, Performance & On-Demand Support

Managed hosting is where the web hosting provider takes a more active role, more like a partner. The server is kept secure and optimized more frequently, and softwares are updated regularly as new versions are released. Managed hosting providers usually make automatic backups of your site, and offer extended support to help you with the technical challenges of running a website.

Managed WordPress Hosting

What is included in the Managed Hosting?

Automated backups

Three levels of backup:

  1. Daily whole system backup, including all the websites and databases
  2. Weekly account backup, including all files and databases of the WordPress website
  3. Daily account backup, including the modified files since the last weekly backup plus the full database backup

Backups are stored on another server in a different data center. Even in the case of data center being physically damaged, backups are retrievable.

Software updates

For running a dynamic website like a WordPress-based website, there are different layers of software running on top of the hardware to make the system function. They include the operating system, web-server, database server, security softwares and firewalls, the WordPress itself and its plugins. All these softwares receive regular updates, including security patches, which needs to be implemented to keep the whole system secure.

With normal (shared / unmanaged) hosting plans the software is not updated frequently, as they might break the functions of hundreds of websites they host. The WordPress and its plugins are not updated and is left for the client to take care of it. This is the main source of many WordPress website being hacked.

With manage hosting these are taken care of on daily basis.

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring is important to maintain any computer system in a healthy and optimized state. We are immediately notified when the server is running out of resources or there is a need to restart a service, or even when the physical server in the datacenter is facing issues. With this we can quickly restore the balance, or even upgrade the server to keep the system functioning in an optimized state.

Extra Security Measures and Tweaks

WordPress out of the box is vulnerable to attacks, and all WordPress website get attacked by automated bots almost on daily basis. We reduce the chances for attackers by using a few extra layers of security, which includes some security plugins for WordPress, and special tweaks at the system level to make WordPress less vulnerable. On top of this, we protect the whole server with one of the best known cloud-based firewalls with custom written firewall rules.

Regular security and malware scanning

Available support

Our managed WordPress hosting includes technical support when help is needed by the client. You can refer to Ongoing Support & Maintenance page fro more details.


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