Facilitating Change & Transitions

with practices and frameworks that support navigating the in-between space

Transition time is a door to the world of possibilities. When we step out of a state that is known to us, to discover a new state of being, we pass through a transitory in-between territory. Depending on how we navigate this territory we are exposed to different ranges of possibilities, which will translate into the contour and the underlying matrix of the next state.

Facilitating Change & Transitions

Below are some of the related practice fields I have been engaged with since 2008.

Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter

a method of participatory leadership for facilitating group processes

The Art of Hosting is a specific approach and methodology for group facilitation and systems change, developed and curated according to a commons or open-source model by an international community of facilitation practitioners. Starting around the late 1990s, or early 2000s, the community shares methods, tools, and terminology to improve how people can understand and mobilize to respond to complex social, political, and economic change in a participatory manner. Read more: What is Art of Hosting

Art of Hosting brings together social technologies and methodologies such as the Circle Way, the World Cafe, Open Space Technology and many more under a coherent practice for participatory leadership.

Living Wholeness Practice

Living Wholeness offers a framework in integrating ‘living systems’ beyond theory and concept and into living practice. It is a framework for being systemic at every level, with ourselves, in our work and communities, and especially in relationship to all of life. It offers us a means to experience ‘being systemic’ by widening the scope of what we mean by systemic and framing our work not as “fixing” systems external to us, but finding new alignment with our inner and outer worlds. We can then translate what we become to our work, communities, families, homes, government, social innovations, businesses and new initiatives that can shift systems.

Theory U – Presencing

learning and acting from a sense of future possibility

Theory U proposes that the quality of the results that we create in any kind of social system is a function of the quality of awareness, attention, or consciousness that the participants in the system operate from.

Since it emerged around 2006, Theory U has come to be understood in three primary ways: first as a framework; second, as a method for leading profound change; and third, as a way of being – connecting to the more authentic of higher aspects of our self.


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