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WordPress Website Developer

Enhancing WordPress’s Security, SEO, Design and Work-Flow

WordPress is used by 42.8% of the top 10 million websites as of October 2021, for clear reasons. Having evolved since 2003, it is easy to learn and use, versatile and expandable, and there are many resources available to extend its functionality.

As a Content Management System, it stores content and enables a user to easily create and publish information on a website. WordPress was originally created as a blog-publishing system but has evolved to support other web content types including user groups and forums, media galleries, membership sites, learning management systems (LMS) and online stores.

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WordPress Website Developer

Enhancing WordPress

Although WordPress is great to use out of the box, the following enhancements can be achieved with a set of carefully picked plugins, custom codes and theme frameworks. With these, our WordPress website is more secure, more usable for admins and visitors, more flexible to make structural / design changes, and more future proof. The choice of plugins, theme framework and extra pieces of code are based on years of experience with website development in different fields, and clients with different levels of technical skills.

Security Enhancements

According to WordFence, there are almost 90,000 attacks per minute on WordPress websites. In one study, it was found there are 3,972 known WordPress vulnerabilities, out of which 52% are from WordPress plugins, 37% are due to core WordPress files & 11% are from WordPress Themes.

With a set of security plugins and extra tweaks, security of WordPress is made stronger. Other layers of security and constant updates for WordPress and its plugins are added thorough our complementary Managed WordPress Hosting service.

SEO Enhancements

Improving WordPress’s SEO is crucial for attracting more visitors to the website. SEO guidelines are too technical for a non-tech savvy admin.

With a set of well-picked and carefully configured plugins, and also the addition of some extra fields to the WordPress, we enhance the search engine friendliness of our WordPress.

Integrated CTA Sections

CTA stands for Call to Action. It is an effective way to keep visitors engaged, and to translate website visits to valuable transactions. For example, at the end of a service page, the Call to Action can invite the visitor to fill a request form, or to contact for more details.

We have implemented this in WordPress, in a way that for every page or post there can be custom CTA displayed with an eye catching design and integrated with the template system. There can also be general CTA’s to be used all over the website in multiple sections.

Front-end / Design Enhancements

An advanced template framework like Yootheme helps us to separate the content from the design. All the content are stored in the database, without extra codes to define the visual presentation. This helps us to present the data in many different forms, and adjust the design of the website with more agility and less development time. It also contributes to simplifying the WordPress user’s work-flow. All our client needs to know is minimized to the level of copy and pasting text, or choosing images to upload. Reducing complexity is crucial in making WordPress user friendly for our clients.

Image Processing Enhancements

Resizing images before uploading to WordPress can be a work-flow blockage for a non-tech savvy user.

With the help of a plugin and some additional codes, WordPress can automatically downsize images to a reasonable size and quality. Our template system intelligently generates different image sizes based on the visitors device. Therefore we have also disabled WordPresses default way of creating multiple resolutions at upload time, which in the long run will make the website clunky and large in size.

Custom Posts & Fields

When needed, we create extra sections in WordPress to store data in a logical and easy to use order.

As an example, for a restaurant website we create a section dedicated to food, another to drinks, and link them with extra taxonomies for menus. This is in contrast to using WordPress pages for every type of data. This strategy also contributes to benefitting from the advantages of separating content from design.

Looking for a WordPress developer?

I am a WordPress developer based in Turkey, yet working with clients in different regions of the globe. I would be happy to offer you an introduction to WordPress combined with the power of Yootheme, and why I believe it is a great choice for developing modern, optimized, beautiful and future proof websites.


This is a package of best in class web-development technologies, usability oriented design & development services, ongoing support and mentoring sessions, all offered in an affordable cost with a flexible payment structure.

Personal Website Express

This is a package designed to support people launching their personal website in a time and cost effective way. It includes all aspects of a high quality and modern website: well designed, optimized, usable, extendible and supported, enriched with decades of experience in personal coaching and website design.

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